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Conquer CRPS Presents:

The 4th Annual Walk to Conquer CRPS on August 20th, 2022 is being celebrated across the world! YOU can join us in the movement as we Walk to Conquer CRPS, safely from our own communities.

To learn more about CRPS, please visit:

Walk with us to Conquer CRPS-wherever you are.

Register Now to join us for the 4th Annual Walk to Conquer CRPS on August 20th, 2022. We are raising funds for the clinical trial of a new CRPS treatment called GBM-5. We are participating from our own communities with friends and family. With your help, we can walk around the world to Conquer CRPS. One step at a time.

Walk to Conquer CRPS History:

My name is Kristen Cameron and I was diagnosed with CRPS in 2017. In 2018, I found out about a new CRPS treatment (GBM-5) that was being researched by a team of doctors in Montreal. I started the Walk to Conquer CRPS in Halifax, Nova Scotia and all funds went to a charity (PARC) who gave the funds to the research team. In 2020, the event was on hold while the world changed for covid and in 2021- we were able to modify the event to resume our tradition. This time, participants we are able join us around the world for the same cause: to Conquer CRPS. Since 2018, we’ve raised nearly $10,000 for this team of doctors and they’ve recently received good news: Health Canada has approved their research and GBM-5 is moving forward to become a clinical trial. Read more about GBM-5 below.

This year, I have an amazing team working with me to eliminate any complications, delays or confusion. We are raising funds DIRECTLY for the lead of the GBM-5 clinical trial: Mr Mazaltarim and Dr Blaise of Neurotherapie Montreal ( Every Penny raised through our GoFundMe goes directly to GBM-5 Research.

*Registration is FREE, donations to CRPS Research are always accepted!*

Register Now! to join us from your community! We have participants across Canada, the US and officially in Australia!

Can’t Walk? Don’t worry, a lot of us have CRPS in our feet. Register your friends and family to be your Team!

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What is GBM-5?

From Mr. Mazaltarim and Dr. Blaise:

Given the heterogeneous nature of CRPS, an optimal therapy with a single ingredient seems unlikely; therefore, a mechanism-directed approach to treatment of CRPS appears preferable.

After several years of research, the team at the Montreal Pain Clinic successfully formulated a combination product (namely GBM-5) which might address some underlying mechanisms thought to be involved in the pathophysiology of CRPS, such as neurogenic inflammation, sympathetic dysfunction, etc.. This combination solution is a fixed multimodal formulation for intrathecal (IT)/epidural injection, or intranasal administration, and is clearly differentiated from other strong analgesics by its unique combined synergistic mechanism of action.

Using multiple regional injections of low dose GBM-5 (a mixture of an opioid, a Na+ channel blocker, an alpha2-receptor agonist, an opioid mu or delta receptor competitive antagonist, and an anesthetic) in patients with medium-term and long-standing CRPS pain (duration of more than 6 months) which was not adequately controlled by currently available therapies, promising clinical results showed that: 1) pain relief was rapid and substantial; 2) a good safety profile was demonstrated; and 3) patients’ quality of life (cognitive function and mood) greatly improved. Recently, it was observed that the pain reduction lasted longer when 1.0 mL of GBM-5 nasal solution was added or used alone, and the pain relief was enhanced with compounded topical cream applied to affected areas.

Further study in more patients is warranted to confirm the efficacy of GBM-5/GBC-01.

As the clinical outcome has been shown to vary between subjects, the proposed trial protocol is tailored to treat the needs of patients individually. The primary objective is to establish the efficacy (dose/number of doses) of GBM-5/GBC-01 for reducing pain and/or opioid use, and the secondary objectives are to preserve or restore function, enable patients to manage their condition and improve their quality of life.


The objectives of this study are:


• To establish the efficacy of a combination of nasal spray solution and topical cream of GBM-5/GBC-01, in reducing persistent pain and/or opioid use in CRPS patients.

• To assess the safety of GBM-5 in CRPS patients.


To assess improvements in the patients’ quality of life (cognitive function, mood, depression, etc.).


To assess any change in disease severity by comparing the CRPS severity score (CSS) at screening with that of the end of study.

To assess the weekly change in patient-reported pain intensity versus dose, number of treatment cycles, and disease duration “

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Register you and your team for the 4th Annual Walk to Conquer CRPS to participate in YOUR community on August 20th, 2022.